Welcome to EPQ3


EPQ3 is a pioneering, privately owned consultancy specialising in the management of change. Founded by experienced entrepreneurs, we bring together a unique combination of in-depth hands-on expertise from a wide range of fields including Information Technology, Business Process Engineering, Financial Management and Executive, Team and Leadership Coaching & Mentoring.

We help our clients to:

  • Understand clearly what needs to change and why
  • Design detailed, practical and effective change programmes
  • Integrate change activities across Leadership, Process and Technology to maximise the likelihood of success


  • Implement the change programme and measure the results
  • Embed best practice to deliver a change-enabled organisation

Our approach

We’re told that change is a constant, but long experience has shown that few organisations do change well. Change programmes often fail because organisations remain unaware of the detailed relationships between:


The Leaders that drive the business and its culture


The Processes that generate business value


The Technology that makes processes efficient and flexible

At EPQ3 we take nothing for granted. We know the challenge of change can only be properly addressed when all its facets are taken into consideration. We work with you to understand the balance between these three vital factors and help you design and implement joined-up change programmes that really work.

But we don’t stop there. We work to ensure that a change culture is embedded within your organisation and becomes business-as-usual, making you more flexible, responsive and better able to meet the relentless challenge of a rapidly evolving business environment.

Leadership: 33%
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Leadership + Processes: 66%
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Leadership + Processes + Technology: 100%
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