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The EPQ3 Integrated Change Approach - ICA

Right at the core of EPQ3 lies the concept of the Integrated Change Approach. The ICA grew out of the collective experience of the three EPQ3 founders. Despite working in the disparate fields of Finance, Information Technology and Executive Leadership, we developed a shared view of why corporate change programmes tend to fail.


The problem we solve . . .

At the heart of the problem is a tendency for organisations to characterise change as a technology, a process or a leadership/organisational issue. This view is largely an historical legacy, but In the reality of today’s complex world every change initiative will impact all three aspects of the business to a greater or lesser degree. Most business leaders understand this, but few have the time to truly understand the depth and complexity of these impacts within their environment. Others, working at different levels within the organisation, may understand part of the picture, but few have the operational scope, mandate or time to expand their view. The inability to fully recognise these linkages can lead, at best, to poor ROI, or at worst to change programme failure.

Our unique approach . . .

At EPQ3 we utilise the ICA as a flexible framework to discover and illuminate the relationships between Leadership, Process and Technology within your organisation. This is our starting point and is the key to EPQ3’s uniqueness. Whether you’re engaging in a technology or process change, reconfiguring your organisational structure, looking to improve your leadership capabilities or acquiring or merging with another organisation, we apply the same rigor to understanding all the potential change impacts so that you can achieve the right balance in your change focus. We then bring to bear our in-depth expertise in these different areas, supported by an array of methodologies, tools and focused services developed over many years, to ensure you create a truly integrated, practical and successful change programme. Discover more about the ICA

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