The EPQ3 Integrated Change Approach - ICA

The EPQ3 ICA provides a comprehensive framework for ensuring that all Leadership, Process and Technology factors have been balanced and accounted for right across the change cycle, from initial Visioning through to Consolidation. It also drives the embedding of best practices across the organisation, ensuring the development of a culture that enables continuous change as business-as-usual.


The change journey starts with a clear vision of your destination. It’s a question of what kind of business you need to be to meet the challenge of the future.

What will your business model be and what core processes will need to drive it? What key business capabilities will you need your technology to support? And crucially, what demands will all this make on your management team, your employees and your organisation’s culture?

The ICA provides a framework of methods and tools to help you uncover and communicate a rational vision that will align your leaders, processes and technology and drive your business forward.


The Discovery Phase is crucial to success and is unique to EPQ3. Armed with your Vision, the Discovery Phase takes a detailed snapshot of the current state of your organisation.

We take a look under the bonnet. We uncover the ground truth about what makes you tick and what slows the ticking. We deploy a wide range of best practice tools and methods, from psychometric testing to IT capability-maturity models, to demonstrate where you are and where you need to be.

We then feed this rich information into the Planning Phase.


The Planning Phase takes input from the Visioning and Discovery Phases to formulate detailed plans for implementing the necessary programme of change.

The ICA guides the planning activity to ensure that all dependencies and impacts across Leadership, Process and Technology streams have been incorporated and balanced, reducing programme risk to a minimum.

The Planning Phase distills the findings of the Visioning and Discovery Phases into clear, actionable, measurable business transformation programmes.


Unlike many consultancies our responsibility doesn’t stop at telling you what you should do. We are happy to stand by our findings, get our hands dirty and help you deliver the transformation.

With extensive experience of complex programme management across many different sectors, we work closely  with you to oversee timely and cost-effective delivery.

Whether working with internal resource or with external vendors, partners and SI’s, the ICA ensures that all risks and dependencies across the integrated programme are properly managed for a successful implementation across all work streams.

Measurement & Consolidation

Measurement and Consolidation is about demonstrating that your change has been effective and making sure that that the advantage is not lost – that a culture of change is embedded at all levels within the organisation.

During earlier phases we help you develop metrics and KPI’s which have real meaning to the business and are relevant to its goals and Vision.  These are used to monitor the changed environment and feed back into further change planning.

We also facilitate the adoption of best practices and learnings captured from the change process throughout your organisation, enabling change and improvement to become a continuous-proactive rather than intermittent-reactive activity.

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