Process Services

The EPQ3 ICA - Process Services

Business processes are the engine of any organisation. They are the means by which businesses execute their strategy, realise their goals and generate value for their stakeholders.

As businesses are forced to evolve to meet the needs of a changing environment, so processes must also change to support new goals and new business models. Processes that are not fine-tuned to the needs of the business can make the difference between profit and loss, success and failure.

EPQ3 offers a range of professional services aimed at ensuring your core value-generating processes are efficient, effective and fully aligned with your business strategy. These services can be used as stand-alone solutions or as part of our integrated approach, which ensures the right people, skills and culture to manage your processes and the right technologies to support them.

Business Process Modeling

Working closely with stakeholders at all levels within the organisation, we use best practice tools and methodologies to help you:

  • Understand and document your existing processes, identifying weaknesses and improvement opportunities
  • Design and create new processes to serve new business functions and emerging business models
  • Adapt your existing processes to align with changing business demands
  • Merge and consolidate processes between departments or entire organisations

Through our ICA framework we also identify and characterise the skill sets and cultural changes that will be required in your transformed process world, and help you implement these changes to ensure maximum effectiveness.


Business Process Maturity

Using our own in-house capability-maturity models we can:

  • Carry out a detailed assessment of the current structure, capabilities and effectiveness of your core business processes, identifying key areas for improvement
  • Define in detail a desired future maturity state where processes are fully able to support the planned needs of the business, incorporating appropriate business-oriented metrics and KPIs
  • Create a practical phased transition plan and oversee its implementation

In the case of merger and acquisition, we assess business process compatibility and risk, identifying areas of potential unforeseen investment that could erode post-transaction ROI.

Business Process Automation

Business process automation incorporates rules-based intelligence and decisioning into operational processes, freeing staff to focus on value-generating activities. We can help you:

  • Identify through business process modelling those business rules, decision points and escalation procedures that can benefit from automation, increase process flexibility and scalability, and produce tangible ROI for the business
  • Identify the appropriate balance point between automation and the need for human skill, insight and intervention
  • Select appropriate business process automation technologies to provide the optimum solution for your type of business

Using our ICA framework we can ensure that process changes are matched by any necessary changes in management capability, employee skills and workforce commitment to ensure maximum change effectiveness


Business Process Alignment

It is essential your business processes are engineered to fully support the goals your business has set itself. Processes must optimally serve your business model.

We bring to bear tools and methodologies developed over many years to demonstrate how closely your key processes are aligned with your business model. We can help you identify:

  • Which processes (services) are truly core and which are peripheral to your business
  • Which processes could benefit from outsourcing and which should be managed internally

We can also help you understand which processes could be supported by commercially available “off-the-shelf” software and which need bespoke support, indicating the optimal IT operating model for your organisation.

To discover more about our full range of business process services, please CONTACT US for an informal chat with a member of our team