Dr Richard Williams BSc, MSc, PhD, FLS

Founder, Director and Principal Technology and Business Consultant

Richard specialises in being a consummate generalist. Emerging from a science research background, Richard has more than 25 years’ hands-on experience in a wide range of roles within the IT industry, from real-time software engineering through project and programme management to business process analysis and strategic IT and business consultancy. During this time he has founded and grown his own IT product and services companies which he has also taken through to merger and acquisition. Richard has an excellent track record heading the delivery of high value enterprise-wide application development programmes within sectors as diverse as automotive manufacturing, retail pharmacy and retail banking. His particular interest is in the application of Internet and emerging technologies to the integration of mission-critical front and back office business processes. Within the last fifteen years he has focused on strategic IT and business consultancy within the UK, mainland Europe and the Middle East. He has developed innovative tools and methods for evaluating the maturity and fitness-for-purpose of IT infrastructures, processes and operating models, and aligning these to the strategic needs of the business. He has advised on, developed and implemented numerous corporate change strategies and has consulted on IT due diligence within the context of Mergers and Acquisitions. An engaging and erudite communicator, Richard works easily and comfortably at all levels within organisations and quickly distills the core issues from the noise. He can help you develop realistic and achievable corporate transformational change plans, fully aligned with business strategy and based on a sound and pragmatic analysis of current and required future capabilities. He can oversee the effective implementation of these plans to ensure your organisation derives maximum value from its information assets. Richard lives in the medieval market town of Warwick, UK, under the walls of its famous castle. When not consulting Richard is an accomplished biologist, carpenter, bricklayer and amateur astronomer. He also maintains a life-long interest in philosophy. He is a Fellow of the Linnean Society of London.

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