Kala Flynn MSc, AMEC

Founder, Director and Principal Leadership and Business Consultant

kalaKala is a highly-experienced and well-respected expert in all aspects of Leadership. She has wide experience working with clients in both private and public spheres, including sectors as diverse as Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Distribution, Banking and Finance, Automotive Manufacture, Charities and NGO’s, Technology Services, Facilities Management and Education.

Kala tailors the latest evidence-based thinking in the fields of organisational change; people development and leadership into grounded, highly effective consulting programmes that are fully aligned to clients’ business objectives and which help deliver a tangible commercial edge. A cornerstone of Kala’s work is her focus on leadership behaviours and how they can be understood and directed to deliver effective change and growth for the individual, the team and the organisation. Concentrating on understanding personal characteristics and drivers, her client-centric and results-driven approach helps individuals use their natural strengths as a platform for growth, transforming their personal and professional capabilities and effectiveness. In addition Kala assists leaders to articulate and demonstrate a shared vision, bringing focus to the organisation and helping address the many challenges they face on a daily basis. In many instances these coaching assignments include supporting clients through challenging professional transitions. To date Kala has delivered in excess of 30,000 hours of interventions. Her style has been variously described as perceptive, incisive, inspiring and challenging. For your organisation Kala can understand, scope, refocus and transform the capabilities and performance of senior individuals and teams for maximum commercial advantage in times of stability and growth and during periods of rapid and unprecedented transformational change.