Kevin Varney ACMA

Founder, Director and Principal Financial Consultant

Kevin has responsibility for the day-to-day management of finance, and the long term structuring of financial support and investor relations. He also places his advanced financial and accounting expertise in the service of corporate change. In particular he is an acknowledged expert in the fields of corporate taxation and mergers and acquisitions, where he helps clients create the optimal deal structure, both within the UK context and also internationally. He also carries out in-depth due diligence, providing detailed reports on accounting records, undertaking financial, legal and environmental audits, examining the provisions of Share Purchase Agreements and employees’ rights – and conducting thorough investigations into the organisation’s processes, policies and even, in conjunction with other EPQ3 personnel, their IT systems. Kevin’s range of specialist skills provides an indispensable component of the EPQ3 integrated approach to corporate change management, allowing us to provide in-depth assessment of the likely financial impacts and risks of corporate change, especially where this involves the integration or separation of two or more organisations. With 22 years operating in the corporate market, Kevin is a founder and Senior Partner of the award-winning accountancy firm Varney Barfield.