Who We Are

Introducing the Team

EPQ3 comprises a Core Team of co-founders and a community of trusted Associates. We operate an open culture in which all members are actively encouraged to draw on their wealth of knowledge and experience to challenge, exchange ideas, learn and innovate, creating extraordinary value for each other and for our clients.

Our Core Team

The founders and co-owners of EPQ3 constitute our core team. We are all highly experienced entrepreneurial individuals with extensive track records in starting, growing and managing our own companies. We are also active hands-on practitioners in our respective fields of expertise.

We come from very different perspectives but we have used this diversity of view as a strength to evolve a practical common model for fully integrated and successful change management.

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Our Associates

The EPQ3 Core Team is supported by a community of carefully selected and highly valued Associates.

Our Associates are highly experienced seasoned practitioners in their own right. They have all created and run their own businesses and all have held senior executive positions.

We have worked with our Associates over many years and they form an indispensable element of our delivery capability.

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Our Commitment

Having been through the excitement and the pain of starting and growing our own companies, we have learned to take change personally.

  • As individuals we have a very personal commitment to making a difference. We go that extra mile.
  • We work closely with you to develop truly integrated change programmes, regardless of whether you’re starting from a Leadership, Process or Technology perspective.
  • But our commitment doesn’t stop there. We don’t just write a report and leave. We’re also committed to helping you deliver the change, measure the results and create a change-enabled culture at all levels within your organisation.