Why EPQ3?

Why work with EPQ3?

The EPQ3 mission is to deliver intelligent change to our clients. Intelligent change considers all those complex elements that must work together to make change stick.  It incorporates them into mature change programmes that maximise the probability of success.

EPQ3 understands intelligent change and delivers the highly skilled resources and deep expertise that can make it happen.  We combine a highly systematic approach with a realism and pragmatism resulting from many years of direct hands-on experience.  We are committed to using that experience to provide unprecedented innovation and value in delivery.


The core EPQ3 team are all senior entrepreneurs who have successfully managed their own companies from initial start-up to final merger or acquisition.

  • We fully understand the daily challenges faced by organisations, especially in times of accelerated change.
  • We apply this experience for the benefit of our clients as an integral component of our engagement approach.
  • Our cloud of trusted senior Associates are similarly experienced, have held senior executive positions and have built impressive delivery track records over many years working in both public and private sectors.


In recognition of their skills and expertise, members of our Core Team and our team of Associates are often seconded to deliver on behalf of other major global consultancies.

  • Over the years our consultants have built extraordinary reputations for delivery excellence in their individual fields, which are second to none.
  • This unique capability is now brought together under the EPQ3 banner. You reap the full benefit of this high standard of professional maturity, experience and competency, but without the overheads, bureaucracy and consequent costs usually associated with large consultancies.


At EPQ3 we’re dedicated to constant improvement in our approach to the management of change. We know there is always more to learn.

  • We create new and innovative frameworks, methodologies and supporting tools to deliver better, faster and more incisive corporate change.
  • BUT we also know that all organisations are different. Unlike some other consultancies, our tools and processes don’t dictate the detail of our approach
  • First and foremost, we work with you to discover what really drives your organisation and what motivates your change initiative. Where appropriate we adapt our own frameworks, methods and tools to support your unique needs, or we create new ones as needed.

I employed Kala as an executive coach and mentor and have known her for over two years. I was working as the MD of a $90m business and determined that I needed a level of personal development that was simply not available “off the shelf”; a partner to help me to create effective strategies for dealing with complex and challenging business issues. From our first interaction I could tell that Kala was not only an expert in her field, but also a person of great integrity and discretion, both of which are essential attributes for her field of work. Kala was extremely effective in helping me diagnose the challenges I was facing and create a much higher level of self-awareness. Through her work I was able to deal effectively with business and personality challenges which are typical of working at the highest levels in organisations. Kala has helped me a great deal and we remain in close contact today. She is a person of the utmost integrity, honesty and trustworthiness and a skilled practitioner. I would thoroughly recommend her.

Jeremy McNamara

Kala is an outstanding ‘A’ list coach, developer and mentor with the rare capability of being able to connect your ‘business self’ with the ‘real’ you. Kala operates and interacts on a personal and practical level supported by extensive knowledge and expertise in the application of the best in class analytical tools, modern thinking and methodologies. Kala is astute, highly perceptive and has an innate ability to get to the important issues and drive progress accordingly. Continually demonstrates authentic experience from the ground up to the board room.

Charles Matcham

Kala is a real inspiration to work with. Kala’s own entrepreneurial business acumen and reliable integrity compliments her ability to facilitate and deliver results at Leadership Coaching, Mentoring and Development at C-band, director and executive levels. She is a mind of creative talent, techniques and tools that meet evolving business needs against commercial realities. Kala positively influences and inspires effective team dynamics and provides some very insightful and highly beneficial results that empower beyond both personal and business expectations. I have worked with Kala for a number of years now and will continue to do so. You should book her if she is available and I for one recommend her wholeheartedly…. a valuable investment that stands the test of time.

Nic Chauhan

Kala is a whirlwind of creative energy, original thinking, absolute professionalism and dynamic results. She and her team deliver far above and beyond expectation. If you are seeking extraordinarily successful results hire her NOW.

William Benn

Kala has consistently provided support and encouragement through the last ten years of my career. Never shy of delivering difficult messages in a very positive and encouraging way she is one of the few who operate in this field that I would and do turn to for advice and support. Kala defines professionalism and integrity and will never let you down. I have no hesiation in recommending her.

Mark Cotton

Kala was able to offer advice on both professional and personal work life balance. Her approach and experience helped me identify what was important to me at that time and allowed me to make reasoned and logical decisions. She was invaluable in encouraging me to reflect on my goals of the past as well as developing those for the future and how to achieve them. I would recommend her to others looking for similar support.

Linda Beal

I’ve worked with Kala on and off for a number of years and I have absoloutely no hesitation in endorsing her work. At all times I have found her professional, empathic, honest and her integrity is second to none. I know that I have grown professionally and personnally from working with Kala and always learn something new from our communication. Kala will help to open your mind and encourage you every step of your journey.

Susan Atkinson

I have always admired Kala as a consummate professional with unlimited integrity. A successful business specialist with the ability to maintain her unique value to business, whilst combining her reassuring individuality, compassionate and caring nature. Kala is very commercially focused, entrepreneurial, innovative with sound business acumen and amazing listening skills. Kala’s key strengths include, her innate understanding of people, communication and relationship skills which are truly useful, insightful and helpful. Her speed of understanding the relationships and dynamics between people and complex situations and how to manage them for the best outcome are awe inspiring. I wholeheartedly recommend Kala for Executive, Leadership and Management Coaching, Mentoring and Development. If she’s available, hire her!

Gary Adams

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